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Parts for sale

1984 Chevrolet Blazer K10 4x4 spares/repair I recently bought a Chevy Blazer so I could use the engine for my mkiii Su.pra project. I am now selling the rolling chassis with V5 so wondered if anyone on here would be interested in it. It's a 1984 Chevy Blazer K10 4x4 with Kevlar hard top. I have removed the engine, gearbox, bumpers and rear lights. The chassis is in relatively good condition for the age and the body panels are also quite good - there are some rust patches but they only need minor work to sort them out. The doors and dampers were replaced by the previous owner (so in the last 7 years). Bad bits: There is some damage to the floor around the gearshifter and there is a large rust patch behind the central console which will need welding. The electrics are shot and will need re-doing (pretty common on these).
The wheels are chromed steel and have small rust patches but again these could be returned to "like new" status with a small amount of work. The tyres are 12.5 x 33 x 15 General Grabbers. 3 of the 4 have good tread, the 4th has ~3-4mm.
Mechanically the Blazer drove fine before engine/gearbox were removed. The transfer box is still the car I had to remove the front of the Blazer to get the engine.
I still have the bonnet, grill, front chassis member, front lights and radiator so it can all go back together.
The Blazer is in Cambridge and will need towing/trailering away. I want to sell it in one go as I need my driveway back but if there is no interest then I will consider breaking it for parts.
Price: £700, contact me on

Classic Spark Plugs RN14YC Here's a set of 8 brand new Champion RN14YC spark plugs for the following cars (please check exact spec of your engine). £7.99 plus £2.98 UK postage for the set. Overseas buyers please email. Payment by paypal to iemerynospam@sky.com but remove the nospam.

AMC 71-79, Buick 82-86 Cadillac 71-74, Chevrolet 71, Chevy Truck 83-91, Chrysler 71-85, Dodge 71-85, Dodge truck 71-85, International H 71, Jeep 71-88, OIdsmobile, 82-88 Plymouth 71-8

Parts for a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Item							SupplierPartNo	Price$US
55-57 Chrome Inside Mirror Support Hardtop & Sedan	Danchuk	#1049	27.20
55-57 Gear shift Arm & Knob 				Danchuk	#1201	40.48
57 Bezel Set 						Danchuk	#1352	92.07
55-57 Emergency Brake  Return Spring exc Conv		Danchuk	#1486	7.31
57 Brake Shoe return spring axle set			Danchuk	#156	8.64
55-57 Brake Adj Screw Spring axle set			Danchuk	#157	4.19
55-57 Brake Shoe Hold Down Kit axle set			Danchuk	#158	12.16
57 Dash Lens Set All					Danchuk	#300	55.79
55-57 Inside Rear View Mirror				Danchuk	#363	22.05
57 Hood Spring  1 pair					Danchuk	#477 x2	19.54
57 Parklight Lens Amber					Danchuk	#494A	12.22
57 Tailight Lens Guide					Danchuk	#495	9.77
5-6-7 Windshield Seal					Danchuk	#567	36.79
56-57 Window Gutter Innr Cowl Pan Drain Seal 		Danchuk	#803	9.77
5-6-7  Rear Window  Seal Sedan 56-57			Danchuk	#839	39.25
55-57 Rear Brake Cylinder 1 pair			Danchuk	026,027	68.68
57 Brake Adjusting Scre 1 pair 				Danchuk	159 x 2	19.54
Gasoline Filter Element	GM					#1303	4.85
55-57  Hose Upper & Lower radiator for V8			??/	29.33
57 Reversing Light Lens Glass				Danchuk	#492	13.45
?-57 Indicator arm & Knob				Danchuk	#900	7.83
57 1 set rear brake shoes				Danchuk	#020	28.82
57 Electirc Wiper Motor					DELCO		200.00
57 Outside Rear View Mirror  1 pair 					64.71
Simon Gibson, Thailand, Mobile +66 (0) 81 692 0569

New C4 Corvette headlight assemblies I have 100 sets of new C4 Corvette headlight assemblies for sale. These are new NOS parts from GM. The part numbers are 16510051 and 16510052 and fit 88 - 96 corvettes The price is $325 USD per set. Shipping to the UK is $39 USD. contact Charles at 765 606 5943 or e mail me at rimexlighting@att.net for more details or pictures.

Pontiac Trans Sport 3.1 We are trying to locate an engine for a pontiac trans sport 3.1 petrol carb.1994. Email me Greg Matthews

2000 Model Camaro Set of 4 x 5 Spoke Alloys in superb condition of a 2000 Model Camaro with brand new 255's Tyres fitted Price £650 for the Lot Tel.Eddie on 01763 853020 or e-mail: mailto:eddiefischer@aol.com

Ford C6 Gearbox from 1976 Ford Thunderbird 460, in excellent working order. £150, can deliver 100 mile radius of Durham at cost. Tel Mob. 07981 149029

2000 Model Camaro Set of 4 x 5 Spoke Alloys in superb condition of a 2000 Model Camaro with brand new 255's Tyres fitted Price £650 for the Lot Tel.Eddie on 01763 853020 or e-mail: mailto:eddiefischer@aol.com

MSD6AL, TCI LINE LOCK, CATCH CANS I have a brand new MSD 6AL ignition box for sale - £180. Brand new TCI line lock / roll stop - £60. Plastic 1 quart ctach cans with drain valve on bottom and mounting bolts - £20. Tel Pete on 0797 197 1090 (West Midlands)

Chevy V8, 327 with forged crank
-Freshly machined 327ci block +40 bored, align bored mains, good cam bearings, cleaned, paint removed & etch primed.
-Very desirable hi-po camel hump heads (462) complete but dissembled, poss with hardened inserts, roller-tip rockers.
-Brand new top-quality Rollmaster timing set with Torrington etc.
-Freshly machined forged steel crank.
-Rods, which still have the old +30 forged pistons attached.
-Old water + oil pump, sump etc etc. £600. Phone Bill on 07958 972 005. Engine is in Middx/NW London area.

Chevy V-8 Cobra engine 355cid / 350+BHP turn key load & go...& show
1- Chevy 350 block 4 bolt main 1970 era SVA freindly , tanked & magnafluxed & glass shot blasted , all oil drain back holes casting flash removed . Block oil feed holes champered & radius to increase oil flow to engines parts & increase oil drain back to oil pan were it is needed. Block bored & honed on Sunnen CK-10 & Rotter bridgeport mill. Bored .030 over with BHJ deck plates installed ,Decked & squared , pistons are set @ .005 to .000 deck heights. New Clevite 77 cam brgs loaded , new brass frost plugs loaded into block , all threaded holes retapped.
2-Crankshaft is new Eagle ESP steel full CNC machined , cross drilled mains , 3.480 stroke, indexed fully CNC machined,0.092 radius on all journals, oil feed holes radiused,heat treated , internal balanced on Hines balancing machine.
3-Connecting rods are Engine Works street race rods 5.700 long , ARP rod bolts loaded finished machined on Sunnen Power Stroker & all dimensions checked. Pistons are Badger USA hyperutectic alum. flat top comp 9.8:1 comp , pressed pin type 5/64 , 5/64 , 3/16 th ring lands. Rings are Perfect circle moly race rings , file fitted to cyln top .025 th gap 2nd ring gap .018
4-Bearings are Clevite 77 rod & main , rod bearing clearance .002 ,.0025th mains all bearing clearances are checked & oil feed holes in block are matched to bearing feed holes, rear thrust bearing is modified to increase oil to bearing thrust surface this eliminates thrust bearing wear a must with manual tranmission cars.
5-Oil pump is Melling HV-55 high volume with ARP 4130 forged pump drive ,oil is pump stud mounted with ARP stud kit. Oil pump pick up is Kevko high volume , bolt mounted to pump body & pick up tube is sealed. Oil pan is 7qt Kevko road race oil pan with trap doors & baffles installed.
6-Camshaft is Engine Works USA custom hyd cam , RPM range 2100 to 6400 RPM ,cam lift is intake.444 exhaust .468 lift , duration is 214 / 224 dregrees @ .050 cam lift , cam lobe separation is 112, cam is degreed @ 0 Lifters are TRW hyd set @ ¾ turn from 0 lash , set cyln to cyln intake & exhaust position method this insures perfect lifter preloads.
7-Chain set is Rollmaster true roller chain .250 dia pins seemless , billet crank gear 3 key. Cam lock plate used is Engine Works USA , tap bent over bolt heads to lock them in place.
8-Cylinder heads are Engine Works USA GM heavyweight heads full Serdi CNC machined , valve dia. are intake 2.02 & exhaust 1.600 SS 21-N , heads use induction hardened exhaust seats for unleaded fuel, Heads are loaded with Comp valve train parts , springs are 1.250 dia 125 lbs seat pressure @ 1.700 installed height 300 lbs @ .500 valve lift. Valve guides loaded are bronze type with Vition rubber oil seals installed on guide bosses. ARP 3/8 screw in studs are installed in heads . Rocker arms are Engine Works USA forged roller tip rockers 1.5:1 ratio , pushrods are custom length forged for rocker arm geometry correction this is critical & 90% of the time this is over looked by most engine builder/ suppliers.Correct pushrod length reduces rocker arm stress & defection & valve stem wear & valve guide wear & produces accurate valve lift & rocker ratios & reduced friction overall & a long life valve train & reduced cam & lifter wear.
9-Intake is Power + Air Gap / (polished) RPM range 800 to 6500 RPM , dual plane square flange carb mount.
10-Carb is Quick Fuel USA / Holley 650 CFM vaccum operated secondary ,road race carb ,primary jets @ .68th seconday jets @ .74th with jet extentions installed & custom billet meter plate installed Power valve is 5.5 Hg with power valve protection kit installed. Float needles are high flow , floats are Holley Nitro filled notched for jet extentions Vaccum secondary is quick change spring type , spring installed is short silver , assorted selection of springs supplied to set secondary opening rate. Throttle return system is custom built 2 return springs carb mounted ./ chromed, legal in all race classes & a must for any rod .
11-Fuel line is dual feed chrome with pressure gauge & fuel filter installed in line. Fuel pump is Holley 80 GPH , chrome body 5 to 6 P.S.I. with brass fittings & SS braided lines.
12-Ignition is Engine Works USA custom HEI distributor (polished) , recurved for engine eg 28 degees mechanical all in @ 3800 RPM’s . Vaccum advance is fully adjustable , coil is 63,000 volt high out put cap is HD with brass terminals .Distributor clamp is billet alum stud mounted with SS lock washer & 5/8 SS acorn lock nut.
13- Wires are Mega-Fire 8.5mm reverse magnetic field SS steel spirol core custom made to length & fitted to R&M billet horizontal wire looms. Plugs are AC R44TS gap set @ .048 th .
14-Ignition amp is Pro Comp 6A multi fire & CD system
15- Water pump is new Engine Works USA high flow pump , thermostat is Moroso high flow 180F open
16-Starter is Dura-Last USA high torque , lifetime warranty.
17-Flywheel is Engine Works USA 153 tooth , billet steel 4130 S.F.I. tagged legal in all classes of racing choice of std weight 30 lb or LITEWEIGHT 15 lb flywheel (add $70.00) ARP flywheel bolts are supplied. Clutch kit is Dura-Trak HD 10.5 dia with Mr Gasket mount bolts.
18- Rocker covers are custom polished alum tall with baffels , PCV is custom polished alum with replaceable PCV valve , air breather is K&N washable filter. Water pump & crank pulleys are polished alum , belt is Dayco cogged.
19- Altin is custom chromed 100 amp with custom chrome brackets.
20- Are filter is custom polished alum 14' dia 3' high filter ( custom air filter kits on request)
21- All engine fastners are high grade stainless steel ( we hate rusty bolts & washer) except crank bolt kit it is Mr Gasket grade 8 damper bolt kit with grade 8 pulley bolts.All fluid fittings are brass.
22- Damper is new Power Force 8' dia 360 degreed
23- Engine is painted with VHT very high heat paint ( base) then cleared with VHT very high heat clear.
24- Engine is primed & timed & ready to load & go from its crate , all engines are 100% photographed & documented & portfolio supplied with each engine. All engines carry a 12 month warranty ( see warranty information)
As we can see when you compare Fastco Automotive Products custom built engine to other engine builders & suppliers there is really no comparison when it comes to quality & workmenship & BHP for the price .
The above engine priced @ $4900 US complete turn key , no small print , no hidden extra charges , no smoke no mirrors ., just the highest HP & quality engine for the price bar none .Why pay more for a lot less?
PHOTO OF THIS ENGINE GO HERE: http://community.webshots.com/myphotos?action=showPhoto&albumID=548456877&photoID=2183416840087216316&security=GVyQZl
THIS IS A COMPLETE TRUE TURN KEY LOAD & GO ENGINE YOU ADD COOLANT & PETROL & 12 VOLTS & GO. The most complete engine out there bar none @ the best price (apples to apples comparison) bar none both sides of the pond. ** (PRICE $4900 US* landed in Belgium seaport all fees included no hidden fees or small print or smoke & mirrors this is the total landed price. Regards Daryl Elliott -e-mail fastcoauto@aol.com FASTCO AUTOMOTIVE USA CONTACT INFO :http://www.fastcoauto.com/index1.5.html CAN ALSO SUPPLY NEW TREMEC TKO 500 trans & clutch assembly GO HERE FOR PHOTOhttp://community.webshots.com/myphotos?action=showPhoto&albumID=548456877&photoID=2296419400087216316&security=vNEqxj

350 Chevy Small Block Block number 3970010. Heads were re-machined 6 months ago. Engine was smoky before we removed it from my Ram Cobra one month ago. Not sure of power but went seriously fast !!Engine virtually complete - only missing items such as alternator, distributor etc as have bought brand new engine and needed them! No cracks in block. £500 ono. Buyer collects from Bristol. Tel 07968 827269

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Lund Moon Visor, (illuminated exterior sun visor),to fit Eighties regular roof Econoline.Painted,(black), but never fitted.Located North Bedfordshire. £230 mailto:acmeprod@btconnect.com or 07768 503360.

Chrome 55-57 Chevy headers full length headers. 1 5/8 tube $200 zrotten2@sbcglobal.net

1933 Chevrollete 24hp 181ci six cylinder engine complete, perfect condition when removed complete with three speed gearbox £550 ono. Front and rear axles also complete and perfect £350 ono. 5X17in wire wheels and coke white wall tyres good condition £500 ono. Also rear luggage rack for 30s sedan find a better one for £250 Tel day 07816772863 eve 01472 319842

Garage clearance 70's and 80's parts very cheap eg.ford 400engine and C6 box £120, 351m with Holly carb and auto box still in car £200. 77 Corvette bonnet, windscreen, doors. diff £50 each. 51 Chevy 6cyl engine / manual box £120. 70's Chev 6 cyl engine X3 £80-£100, 1988 Lincoln limo 120" breaking. Other engine, auto gearbox, axles etc. Sorry no V8 Chevy engines. Give me a call on 07759406860

56 Chevy interior parts $100, rear seats, gray and white $100 exterior trim $25-100 molding, side window frames $25-100. 56 rear end housing with axles / backing plates / drums $100. wiper motor $40. antenna $20 speedo cable $25 heater core and assy $60 steering geer box $50 voltage regulater $25 steering wheel horn caps $15 EACH CHROME STEERING WHEEL RING $25. 56 NOMAD PAINT DIVIDERS $125 56 CHEVY GAS TANK FILLER TUBE. FROM TANK TO TAIL LIGHT. $50 TAIL LIGHT LENCES SOME ORIGNAL $15 EACH. SOME AFTER MARKET$10 each bumper brackets $40. emblems $25-60. call have a lot more parts. and all parts are cleaned and painted. thanks Gary 616 262-6076

Chevy 350 350+BHP 4 bolt main block. 040 over 10:1 comp, Badger hyper pistons, Hasting moly race rings GM X rods & E/W rod bolts loaded, Clevite 77 brgs, Cam is Engine Works USA hyd. 480 lift, Rollmaster true roller chain set 3 key crank with Crane lock plate. Cranki is GM 350. 010/,010 ground, Melling HV 55 oil pump E.W forged drive, Kevko SS race oil pan 7qt with HV oil pick up, Heads are GM heavyweight castings 2.02 & 1.600 SS valves full Serdi CNC machined, 3/8 ARP screw in studs, Engine Works roller tip rockers Manton 4130 forged push rods, Intake is Power + air gap, Carb is Quick Fuel USA, Holley 650 CFM full tricks, ignition is Engine Works USA HEI high perf 50,000 volt coil. Polished Engine is fully dressed with polished alum & HV water pump & 100 amp altin. & high torque starter, THIS IS A TRUE LOAD & GO TURN KEY SS engine to look @ this engine go here....www.strynet.com/d101/target2.html.

This engine £2300 sterling, with fresh 400TH SS trans & Dayco 2800 SS stall converter. TOTAL PRICE LANDED IN UK @ London /Essex seaport £2500 sterling. We ship twice monthy to the UK .. references on request from UK & Europe & USA & Canada 30+ years building American high performance engines. mailto:Fastcoauto@aol.com Call 1-716-471-4146

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