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Chrysler, De Soto, Dodge or Plymouth?

You may have noticed that the Chrysler Corporation has a habit of calling the same car different names in different markets. This practice started in 1932 and continues to the present day. Probably the main reason for doing this was to sell cheaper versions of the car in overseas markets. In the UK for example where vehicle taxes were at one time wholly based on horsepower, smaller engines were fitted. In the fifties every body style Plymouth built was offered as either a Dodge or a DeSoto. For example the 1959 the Plymouth Savoy model was sold as a Dodge Kingsway for export, as a Dodge Regent for the Canadian market and as a DeSoto Diplomat. See also MOPAR body families.

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National Desoto Club
DeSoto Club of America, Walter O'Kelly, 105 E 96th, Kansas City, Missouri, MO 64114, USA, Tel: + 1 (816) 421-6006
The Allpar club for Mopar owners with over 200,000 miles

Enthusiast Sites
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