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Repair Manuals
AMC V-8 Engines: Rebuild & Modify UK | USA Tony Pontillo 2021
AMC Javelin, AMX, and Muscle Car Restoration 1968-1974 (Restoration How-to) UK | USA Scott Campbell 2015
Jeep, Dana & Chrysler Differentials: How to Rebuild the 8-1/4, 8-3/4, Dana 44 & 60 & AMC 20 (Workbench How to) UK | USA Larry Shepard 2014 (*Ad)
AMC/Renault Alliance & Encore Owners Workshop Manual UK | Curt Choate, John Harold Haynes Haynes (*Ad)
Chilton's Amc : Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1975-88 Repair Manual UK |
Chilton's Repair & Tune-Up Guide American Motors 1975-86: All U.S. and Canadian Models of Amx, Concord, Eagle, Gremlin, Hornet, Kammback, Matador USA (*Ad)
Repair & Tune-Up Guide American Motors 1975-86 UK (*Ad)
American Motors Mid-Size Models: 1970 Thru 1983, Concord, Hornet, Gremlin, Spirit, 151 Cu in 4 Cyl, 199, 232,&258 Cu in 6-Cyl, 304&360 Cu in V8 UK | David Hayden, John H. Haynes
Amc Eagle, Sx/4, Kammback, 1980-1983: Shop Manual USA Kalton C. Lahue (*Ad)

The History of AMC Motorsports: Trans-Am, Quarter-Mile, NASCAR, Bonneville and More 2016 Bob McClurg UK | USA (*Ad)
Jeep: The History of America's Greatest Vehicle UK | USA Patrick R. Foster 2014
American 'Independent' Automakers: AMC to Willys 1945 to 1960 (Those were the days...) UK | USA Norm Mort 2010 (*Ad)
AMC and Jeep transmissions: AMC Concord, AMC Eagle, AMC Pacer, AMC Spirit, Jeep Cherokee (XJ), Jeep CJ, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wagoneer, Jeep Wrangler, Aisin Seiki Co., Jeep Liberty (Paperback) 2009 Frederic P. Miller (Editor), Agnes F. Vandome (Editor), John McBrewster (Editor) UK | USA (*Ad)
AMC Concord: American Motors, Compact car, Model year, AMC Hornet, AMC Matador, Sedan (automobile), Coupˇ, Hatchback, Station wagon (Paperback) UK | USA (*Ad)
AMC Eagle: American Motors, Four-wheel drive, AMC Concord, AMC Spirit, Roy Lunn, Gerald C. Meyers, Monocoque, Targa top, AMC Straight-6 engine, Jeep-Eagle, Eagle Medallion, Eagle Premier, Eagle Summit (Paperback) UK | USA (*Ad)
Jeep: Marque, Off- road vehicle, Sport utility vehicle, Willys MB, Land Rover, AMC and Jeep transmissions, American Motors, Jeep four wheel drive systems, Jeepney, Compact SUV, Yipao, Willys (Paperback) UK | USA (*Ad)
Proving Ground: A History of Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth Racing (Hardcover) UK | USA
AMC Cars: 1954-1987 An Illustrated History USA Patrick R. Foster 2004 (*Ad)
AMC Performance Cars: 1951 -1983 Photo Archive USA Patrick R. Foster 2004 (*Ad)
American Motors Muscle Cars, 1966-1970 UK | R.M. Clarke (*Ad)
Mister Javelin : Guy Hadsall Jr. at American Motors UK | by Guy Hadsall (*Ad)
Motor 1983-84 American Motors, Chrysler and Ford Vacuum and Wiring Diagram Manual/Professional Service Trade Edition USA Michael J. Kromida (Editor)
Amc Eagle, Sx/4, Kammback, 1980-1983: Shop Manual USA Kalton C. Lahue (*Ad)
Rambler Canada: The Little Company that Could USA James C. Mays (*Ad)
Selling the All-American Wonder: The World II Consumer Advertising of Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. UK | Frederic L. Coldwell (*Ad)
AMC Muscle Cars (Muscle Car Color History) UK | USA Larry G. Mitchell
American Motors: The Last Independent UK | Patrick R. Foster (*Ad)
The Metropolitan Story UK | Patrick R. Foster (*Ad)
Illustrated Amc Buyer's Guide (Motorbooks International Illustrated Buyer's Guide) UK | USA Larry G. Mitchell
Amazing Amc Muscle: Complete Development and Racing History of the Cars from American Motors USA Edrie J. Marquez (*Ad)

AMC Car Links
American Motors was formed in 1954 as the result of the merger between Nash and Hudson. The early 1960s were the most successful years for the company in the main due to the success of the Rambler. In the late 60's and early 70's the company became know for its high performance models such as the Javelin and the AMX. The rest of the 70's were difficult times and after the oddball Gremlin and Pacer models teamed up with Renualt to non-AM models. The company had bought Jeep from Kaiser in 1970 but even this well-regarded brand and the backing of Renault couldn't save the company. After 33 years the company was bought by Chrysler in 1987.
The American Motors Owners Association

Javelin Home Page


Australia and New Zealand
AMC Rambler Club of Australia
AMC's in New Zealand

United States
First Coast AMC
The AMC/Rambler Club
The Cascade Ramblers chapter of AMCRC
4 Seasons AMCRambler Club
South East Wisconsin AMO
AMC of Houston
Great Lakes Classic AMC
Peach State AMO
Cactus Cruisers
Hoosier AMC Club
Carolina AMO
Gateway AMC
American Motors Cruisers
The Marlin Auto Club
Northern Ramblers Car Club

4 Seasons AMCRambler Club
South East Wisconsin AMO
AMC of Houston
American Motors Cruisers


American Part Depot Parts for AMC and Rambler
Eddie Stakes' Planet Houston AMX AMC/Rambler Parts. Catalog $7

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