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The postwar Imperial was a large and luxurious Chrysler. It wasnt until 1954 that the Imperial became a separate brand within the Chrysler Corporation.

Crown Imperial
The first post war Crown Imperial was essentially the same as the 1942 model and it continued so until 1948. It was powered by a 323 ci 135 hp 8 cylinder engine. The Crown Imperial came in only one body style an eight seater 4 door Limousine for 1946. In 1947 a sedan was added to the range. The essential difference between the two was that the sedan did not have a division window.

The early 49 models were really left over from 1948. The new series C47 didnt come on stream until March and was available as both a sedan and a limousine. The C50 was a revised model for 1950. Minor changes were made for 1951 and even fewer for 1952. Very little was change for 1953. Like the Imperial the Eagle ornament badge was added. Changes were kept to a minimum in preparation for the all new models due in 1954.

Series		Year		Serial Numbers		Engine Numbers
C40		1946		7810001 - 7810166		C40-1001-
C40		1947		7810167 - 7810907		C40-1001-
C40		1948		7810908 - 7811347		C40-1001-
C40		1949		7811348 -                     	C40-1001-
C47		1949		7813001 - 7813088		C47-1001 - 1095
C50		1950		7813501 - 7813916		C50-1001 - 1433
C53		1951		7814501 - 7815000		C51-8-1001 -
C53		1952		7815101 - 7815306		C52-8-1001 - 59631
C59		1953		7816001 - 7816162		C53-8-1001 - 86292
C66		1954		7817001 - 7817100		C542-8-1001 - 40478

The Imperial was based on the New Yorker. It was also powered by 323 ci 135 hp engine. For 1950 it was offered in standard and deluxe format. In 1951 the Imperial was for sale at a lower price than the New Yorker on which it was based. Three 2 door body styles were added to the range. It was now available as a coupe, hardtop and convertible. The 1952 models were almost identical to 1951 models, although the convertible body style was dropped.

Custom Imperial
1953 Imperial had a different wheelbase from the New Yorker. The Eagle hood ornament was fitted for the first time. Power brakes and windows were now standard. The coupe was dropped from the range but in March a 2 door Newport Hardtop was added in its place. Changes were kept to a minimum in preparation for the all new models due in 1954.

C46-2		1949		7107801 - 7107850		C46-1001 - 28838
C49-N		1950		7146001 - 7156654		C49-1001 - 43041
C54		1951		7736501 - 7753512		C51-8-1001 -
C54		1952		7753601 - 7763596		C52-8-1001 - 59631
C58		1953		7765001 - 7773869		C53-8-1001 - 86292
C64		1954		7775001 - 7780767		C542-8-1001 - 40478	

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