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1st Generation Mustang VIN Identification

1965 - 1973

5    F    9    A    000001

]------------------------------------ Model Year
                                      5 = 1965 6 = 1966 7 = 1967 8 = 1968 9 = 1969
                                      0 = 1970 1 = 1971 2 = 1972 3 = 1973

      ]------------------------------ Assembly Plant
			              F = Dearborn, Michigan	
			              R = San Jose, California
			              T = Metuchen, New Jersey

             ]----------------------- Body Type
				      01 1967-73 hardtop
			              02 1967-73 fastback or sportsroof
			              03 1967-67 convertible
			              04 1970-73 Grande
			              05 1970-73 Mach 1
			              06 not used
			              07 1965-66 hardtop
			              08 1965-66 convertible
			              09 1965-66 fastback

                    ]---------------- Engine Type
				      A 1965-67 4v 289ci V8 
			              C 1965-68 2v 289ci V8 
			              C 1971    Cobra-Jet 429ci V8
				      D early 1965 289ci low compression 
				      F 1965    2v 260ci V8
				      F 1968-73 2v 302ci V8
				      G 1969-70 4v Boss 302ci V8
				      H 1969-73 2v 351ci V8 (with Ram-Air 1972-73)
			              J 1968    4v 302ci V8 
			              J 1971    Cobra-Jet 429ci Ram-Air V8
				      K 1965-67 4v Hi-Po 289ci (271hp) V8
				      L 1969-73 1v 250ci 6cy 
			              M 1969-71 4v 351ci V8
				      Q 1969-70 4v 428ci V8
			              Q 1971-73 4v 351ci V8 (with Ram-Air 1971)
			              R 1968-70 4v 428ci Ram-Air V8
				      R 1971    4v Boss 351ci V8
				      R 1972    4v HO V8 (Cobra Jet and Shelby GT-500KR)
			              S 1967-69 4v 390ci V8 (also 4v 428ci Shelby 1968)
			              T 1965-70 1v 200ci 6cy
				      U early 1965 1v 170ci 6cy
				      W 1968    4v 427ci V8
                                      X 1968-69 2v 390ci V8
				      Y 1968-69 2v 390ci V8
				      Z 1969-70 4v Boss 429ci V8
				      2 1967    4v 289ci V8
				      2 1968    Shelby 289ci V8
				      4 1967    Shelby 8v 428ci V8 GT500                   

                          ]---------- Unit Number


	Code	Year	Interior	Seats	Style
	63A		1965-68		standard	bucket		fastback
	63A		1969-70		standard	bucket		SportsRoof
	63B		1965-68		luxury		bucket		fastback
	63B		1969-70		luxury		bucket		SportsRoof
	63C		1968		standard	bench		fastback	
	63C		1969-70		standard	bench		Mach 1
	63D		1968		luxury		bench		fastback
	63D		1971-73		standard	bucket		SportsRoof
	63R		1971-73						Mach 1

	65A		1965-70		standard	bucket		hardtop
	65B		1965-70		luxury		bucket		hardtop
	65C		1965-69		standard	bench		hardtop
	65D		1968-69		luxury		bench		hardtop
	65D		1971-73		standard	bucket 		hardtop
	65E		1969-70						Grande
	65F		1971-73						Grande
	76A		1965-70		standard	bucket		convertible
	76B		1965-70		luxury		bucket		convertible
	76C		1965-67		standard	bench		convertible
	76D		1971-73		standard	bucket		convertible

Shelby Mustangs from 1965-67 have auxiliary serial number plates riveted on top on the VIN plate. In 1968 the Shelby number panel can be found on the inner fender/wing left-hand panel. From 1969-1970 there was no specific Shelby numbering, although they all have a plate reading 'SHELBY AUTOMOTIVE' riveted below the warranty plate. NB All 1970 Shelbys were reserialed 1969 models. If the vehicle has a Certification Label this its not a Shelby!

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