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Calais Series 682
The Calais Series replaced the Sixty-Two Series. Standard equipment included power brakes, power steering, automatic transmission, dual backup lights, windshield washers, dual speed wipers, front and rear safety belts. Minor changes for 1966, but head rests, reclining seats and a AM/FM radio were added. In 1968 the hoods were extended by 6 and 1/2 inches and were designed to take recessed windshield wipers and a larger engine was fitted. The Cadillac range in 1969 was restyled in line with the Eldorado. The hood was again extended. Dual power brakes were offered as a safety feature as were head restraints which became mandatory on all US cars. 1970 saw minor changes. Cadillacs were completely restyled for 1970, the wheelbase of the Calais series was extended.

Body/Style Number Body Type Year Available
68257G 2dr Coupe 1965/6
68239N 4dr HT Sedan 1965/7
68269K 4dr Sedan 1965/7
68249N 4dr HT Sedan 1968/71
68247G 2dr Coupe 1967/71

Deville Series 683
The DeVille Series generally carried through the changes highlighted for the Calais series. The main difference was in the quality, eg plusher upholstery. DeVille series models sported dual rear cigarette lighters. 1970 was the last year of the Convertible DeVille. With the restyle of 1970 the range was trimmed to two models.

Body/Style Number Body Type Year Available
68357J 2dr Coupe (Coupe DeVille) 1965/6
68357J 2dr Coupe DeVille 1967
68347J 2dr Coupe DeVille 1968/71
68339B 4dr HT Sedan 1965/7
68349B 4dr Sedan 1968
68349B 4dr Sedan DeVille 1969/71
68369L 4dr Sedan 1965/8
68369L 4dr Sedan DeVille 1969/70
68367F 2dr Convertible 1965/8
68367F 2dr Convertible DeVille 1969/70
1967 DeVille Convertible
Photo copyright © Rik Gruwez

Fleetwood Sixty Special 680/681
The range orginally consisted of just one model with a longer wheelbase than the models described above. In 1967 a Brougham was offered. For 1971 the standard sedan was dropped.

Body/Style Number Body Type Year Available
68069M 4dr Sedan 1966/70
68169p 4dr Brougham 1966/71

Fleetwood Eldorado Series 684

Body/Style Number Body Type Year Available
68467E 2dr Eldorado Convertible 1965
68567E 2dr Eldorado Convertible 1966

Fleetwood 75 Series 697/698

Body/Style Number Body Type Year Available
69723R 4dr Sedan 1965/71
69733S 4dr Limousine 1965/71
69890Z Commercial Chassis 1965/71

Fleetwood Eldorado Series 693
For 1967 The Cadillac Eldorado was a completely new front-wheel-drive coupe. It was built off the Oldsmobile Tornado platform. It was shorter and lower than the rest of the Cadillac range. In 1968 the hood was lengthened in line with the other Cadillacs to accommodate the recessed wipers and a new 472ci V8 was fitted. A 500ci 400 hp engine was fitted in 1970. A 8.2 litre badge was placed on the left hand side of the redesigned grille. The 2nd generation Eldorado appeared for 1971 and a convertible was added to the range. The wheelbase of the car was extended by 6 inches.

Body/Style Number Body Type Year Available
69347H 2dr Coupe 1967/71
69367E 2dr Convertible Coupe 1971
VIN Identification 1965 - 1967
1st # 2nd # 3rd # 4th
Body/Style Suffix Model Year 5 for 1965 etc 6#s Production#
VIN Identification 1968 -
1st 5 #s Body/Style # as above
6th # Model Year 8 = 1968 etc
7th # Assembly Plant Q = Detriot E = Linden
Remaining 6#s Sequential Production # starting at 100001
Year Engine Type
The serial numbers matched the motor numbers.
1965/67 429 ci V8 340hp
1968/71 472 ci V8 375hp
1970 500 ci V8 400hp (Eldorado)
1971 500 ci V8 365hp (Eldorado)

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